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Poster: uniQ Date: Jun 2, 2005 3:38pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: The usuall... of mine. IE. Disconnected notes on the more interesting things in this film. Spoilers (There's really nothing to spoil)

What's with the initial 2 seconds of just seeing a few feet of corn? It looks like someone shining a light onto it from the side at night.

Are they sterilizing milk bottles?

NICE "clapperboard" there (sans clapper!)! What's it saying? "BEET PLANTiNG CAILI" ? CAILI?

I like the really shaky helicopter shots. It's amazing how much footage in films here and in general use footage shot from such places and how rarely I (I don't know about other people) notice it. Seeing some rough shots from the air is pretty interesting for me because of that.

Hmm, we need a roadgeek for these interchange shots.

Any idea what these tanks acutally store?

"I wanted a industrial film, not a gas factory!"

What's she doing? Scalding milk?

I wonder if those 3 are taking a chemistry course, or are actually doing some work?

Those 2 look like they're using an electron microscope!

WoW, check out that Packard Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer! Anyone know what "Scintillation" means here? Also, the lights on the 4 dials across the top got used for a few seconds in the final YNH.

Any idea what "WS" in "WS-1", "WS-2", etc stand for?

If that's supposed to be a shower curtain behind the hair dude it's very ugly.

When he looks almost straight ahead he looks vaguely like someone from Monty Python. Is that just me?

Is whoever holding "RY-1" doing it strangely?